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Bathroom sinks are subjected to excessive wear and tear on an almost daily basis. Since we use them daily, it’s not at all uncommon for them to become cracked, stained, chipped, rusty, and grimy.

Unfortunately, replacing a bathroom sink is a time consuming process and adds hundreds to the bathroom remodeling budget, often unnecessarily. So if the condition of your porcelain sink has gone downhill, another option that you can turn to instead will be to have it reglazed or resurfaced. It will save you time and money. And, of course, we can help! We refinish and resurface sinks all throughout Lakeland and Central Florida, so call us for a quote today.

What Are The Basic Steps To Refinishing A Porcelain or Ceramic Sink?

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​The basic procedure that Lakeland Bathtub Refinishing Experts will use for refinishing your sink is as follows. First, we will prepare and deep clean the sink for refinishing by removing all dust, grime, and other contaminants. We’ll also place plastic sheeting around the countertops and the floors to avoid creating a mess in your home.

Next, we will sand down the old finish, as the old finish always needs to be removed before we can add new ones. The entire old finish will be stripped off, and then we will sand down the surface to create as smooth of a sink as possible, which will make it easier for installing the new finish.

Next, we will need to fix any issues in regards to imperfections, chips, and cracks in the sink. These will need to be addressed before we can add the primer and the new surface and coat.

Once the cracks and chips have been taken care of in the sink and we have a smooth surface, we will proceed to apply a primer to the surface. Once it has dried, we will then add on several layers of coating, and allow each previous layer to dry before we add a new one. Next, we will add a sealant coat, which will wrap up the application process before we can formally reglaze the sink.

We prefer to use a spray on acrylic resin, and it’s applied the same way spray primer would be applied. We’ll then wrap up with a polyurethane coating. Then, we can reapply the caulk to ensure the proper durability of the sink over the long term.

If applied correctly, your refinished sink should not need more refinishing or reglazing for up to another ten years, depending upon wear and tear. And, while you're refreshing your sink, don't forget about the counter surrounding your sink! If you weren't aware, we do countertop refinishing as well.

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Are you looking to revive your existing bathroom without the expense and mess of total renovation? Then bathroom refinishing may be the ideal service for you. Let us restore your tub, tile, sink, shower and countertops for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

A typical bathtub reglazing project will be done in one day. If the project includes a fully tiled shower or shower surround, we might need two days for the work and curing.

The key to getting more years out of your refinishing service is to be gentle with your tub and tile. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. A properly finished bathroom fixture should last 10-15 years, with reasonable use.

If you're wondering whether it makes more sense to reglaze your tub or replace it, here are a few thoughts to consider. First, do you like your existing tub, outside of its color or age? If so, then you can restore the surface like-new with refinishing for a lot less than if you had to replace it. Do you want to avoid demo? Then refinishing will be a better choice because no demolition or installation is needed to reglaze a tub. Do you want to have your bathroom back quickly? A remodel can take weeks, but most refinishing jobs are done in 1-2 days.

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