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bathtub refinishing lakeland fl

Is there anything more relaxing to do than soak in a hot bubble bath after a long day of hard work or playing at the beach?

Well, it’s not going to be nearly as relaxing as it should be if your bathtub is deteriorating, damaged, or covered with stains, chips, and cracks, right?

The good news is that you may not need to replace your bathtub if you’re having such issues, and you may not even need basic repair work. And we can help! We provide bathtub refinishing services in Lakeland and all across Central Florida.

refinish old tub lakeland fl

Why Is Replacing A Bathtub So Expensive?

While you may think that just replacing your bathtub to get a new one sounds more appealing than having your existing tub repaired, the truth is that the replacement process will be very complicated and expensive. Since most tubs will not even fit through a bathroom door, they need to be cut and then assembled. Labor expenses alone for replacing a bathtub can cost several thousand dollars.

tub refinishing lakeland fl

What Will The Bathtub Refinishing Process Look Like?

Refinishing a bath tub will be a very quick and simple process for the technicians here at Bathtub Refinishing Masters of Lakeland, FL. First, we’ll strip the old finish from the bathtub, and then sand it down until it is as smooth as possible. Next, we’ll start the tub repair process to fix holes, chips, and cracks that we see.

Next, we’ll add a primer and multiple layers of coating before adding another layer of sealant over the entire bathtub. You can expect the bathtub to be ready to use within seventy two hours, but sometimes only twenty four hours is needed before the bathtub is ready for use just as it was before.

When the refinishing process is complete, you should not see any stains, chips, or cracks like you saw before, as they should be covered up and any imperfections left will be blended in with the rest of the surface.

Refinishing a tub is also something that can be done with older bathtubs as well, which are typically made out of more high quality materials in contrast to what is used today.

tub refinishing lakeland fl
refinish tub lakeland fl

Tub Refinishing vs. Tub Reglazing

Tub refinishing is also known as tub reglazing and they, more or less, mean the same thing. Reglazing will give your bathtub an exceptionally smooth and glossy finish, which will really improve its overall aesthetic look and value. Glazing is the part of the process that is done once the tub is in decent condition, so you see that it is one aspect of the refinishing process. The entire refinishing process includes fixing blemishes and restoring multiple layers of the tub's service, in addition to glazing the very top layer.

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Are you looking to revive your existing bathroom without the expense and mess of total renovation? Then bathroom refinishing may be the ideal service for you. Let us restore your tub, tile, sink, shower and countertops for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

A typical bathtub reglazing project will be done in one day. If the project includes a fully tiled shower or shower surround, we might need two days for the work and curing.

The key to getting more years out of your refinishing service is to be gentle with your tub and tile. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. A properly finished bathroom fixture should last 10-15 years, with reasonable use.

If you're wondering whether it makes more sense to reglaze your tub or replace it, here are a few thoughts to consider. First, do you like your existing tub, outside of its color or age? If so, then you can restore the surface like-new with refinishing for a lot less than if you had to replace it. Do you want to avoid demo? Then refinishing will be a better choice because no demolition or installation is needed to reglaze a tub. Do you want to have your bathroom back quickly? A remodel can take weeks, but most refinishing jobs are done in 1-2 days.

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