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bathtub reglazing lakeland fl

Bathtub reglazing and resurfacing is a far more site intensive and complicated process than simply deep cleaning the tub. Our company includes all refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing steps when we reglaze your tub in Lakeland or nearby in Central Florida.

This is because the chemicals that are often used for bathtub reglazing require a respirator in order to breathe properly around during the tub glazing process, and a special protective suit is usually required to do the work in the room as well.

bathtub resurfacing lakeland fl

Bathtub Renovation A to Z

​We use the terms bathtub recoating, refinishing, resurfacing, and reglazing interchangeable, even though each of these terms can technically refer to a different part of the process. For us, it's all the same because we employ all steps of the bathtub restoration process into our work, not just one or two processes. Reglazing is the top layer cosmetic update of the project and is what gives your tub that beautiful new-like sheen. However, we'll also refinish the lower layers and fix cracks or chips as well in order to improve the overall durability of the bathtub. With our team, you get the whole nine yards.

What Is Tub Glazing Good For?

You might be wondering why you would want to have your bathtub reglazed in the first place. Basically, reglazing is only a suitable process for bathtubs and tile that are already in good shape. If your tub and tile is in decent shape but also has very minor scratches or stains or any other kinds of imperfections, then tub reglazing as well as shower tile reglazing should be a viable option if you really want to improve the look of your bathtub and give it a much glossier finish. If your tub, tile or shower has some blemishes, we'll simply repair and refinishing first, before starting the tub glazing process.

tub reglazing lakeland fl

What Are The Pros of Reglazing Your Bathtub?

​The most obvious benefit to reglazing your bathtub is the fact that it will renew the entire upper layer of your bathtub, giving it a glossier and nicer looking finish. This can really improve the aesthetic value of the bathtub, as well as your home’s overall value. It's like having a new tub!

Another big benefit to reglazing your bathtub is the fact that you can choose from a wide variety of colors. If you're stuck with a 1950s pink bathtub, reglazing will allow you to change the color to white, bone or whatever shade suits your fancy.

What's more, it is a fairly inexpensive process in contrast to new bathtub installation. Reglazing keeps your budget in the hundreds, rather than the thousands and will typically last for many years based on wear and tear.

Finally, reglazing your bathtub will also be a very quick process, and most reglazing projects are completed within twenty four hours.

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