Commercial & Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Services in Lakeland, FL

We restore tubs, tile, sinks, showers and countertops in Lakeland for hotels, resorts, schools, fitness centers, gyms and apartment buildings.

Whether it’s the bathroom of a hotel, resort, home rental, school, restaurant, fitness or rec center or other retail business, the shower and bathtub unit is one of the most often used amenities by guests. This is why they need to look brand new and well-cared for all the time. In order to make a good impression on guests, hotels need to keep up with their bathtub maintenance. The room’s bathtub, shower, sink and tiles need to be spic and span, visually appealing and sanitized for all guests.

However, replacing all the tubs, tiles, sinks, countertops and showers in every resort room comes with excessive costs in materials, labor and rental time lost during demolition.

This is where our Lakeland commercial bathtub refinishing services come in. Our service will keep your hotel bathrooms look new, protect them from damage and wear and tear while also cutting down on your improvement expenses.

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Commercial Tub & Tile Refinishing Services

About Our Commercial Bathtub Resurfacing For Hotels, Resorts and Home Rentals in Lakeland & Polk County

Bathtub resurfacing, also referred to as refinishing, is the process of stripping away your tub’s old protective layers and replacing it with a new coat. The process involves sanding off the old layer and then repairing and refilling chips and cracks. The bathtub is then sprayed with several coats of primer and left to dry. Once this process is finished, technicians will then apply layers of top coat to protect the paint and then left to cure. After the curing time, the tub is buffed to a shine. The whole resurfacing process is fast and easy especially for professional commercial tub refinishers. This process is also followed when sinks, showers and tiles are reglazed or repaired. Having these fixtures professionally serviced by refinishers is a cost-effective solution for hotels and resorts.

As we all know, replacing tiles, bathtubs, sinks and other bathroom fixtures is expensive. Imagine replacing them periodically if you’re a hotel or resort. Not only is this expensive, it is also time consuming and labor intensive. Commercial bathtub refinishers can do this job more affordably and in a shorter amount of time, making it a cost-effective solution to hotel and resort bathroom maintenance.

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Who Can Benefit From Commercial Bathtub Refinishing?

Any business with outdated or damaged tiles, sinks, bathtubs and countertops can greatly benefit from commercial refinishing or resurfacing services.

Apartment Complex Tub & Tile Refinishing

Do you own an apartment complex or rental home with aging bathrooms? Renovate them on a budget with our resurfacing services. We’ll fix peeling and chipping tubs and tiles and finish them with a fresh, lasting glaze to make it attractive to new renters.

Locker Room Shower & Tile Reglazing for Gyms, Fitness Centers, Schools & Rec Centers

If your school or workout center has a locker room with worn down ceramic or porcelain tiles, shower pans, porcelain sinks and countertops, our refinishing service will restore them like new again. Freshen up your public or private building for the comfort and cleanliness of patrons.

Hotel, Resort & Home Rental Bathroom Refinishing

Continue to keep every room booked by offering guests fresh, newly refinished tubs, tiles, sinks and countertops. We can reglaze tiles and tubs in the color of your choice and even freshen up old looking countertops with an entirely new style, such as speckled or marbled.

Apartment complexes, gyms and fitness centers for example have bathrooms that are used regularly by different people. This heavy use can cause damage and leave your bathroom fixtures look old, dilapidated and over-used quickly.

​Aside from tub refinishing, commercial services are also available for tile reglazing, shower refinishing, sink resurfacing, countertop refinishing and other bathroom fixture repairs.

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Are you looking to revive your existing bathroom without the expense and mess of total renovation? Then bathroom refinishing may be the ideal service for you. Let us restore your tub, tile, sink, shower and countertops for a fraction of the cost of replacement!

A typical bathtub reglazing project will be done in one day. If the project includes a fully tiled shower or shower surround, we might need two days for the work and curing.

The key to getting more years out of your refinishing service is to be gentle with your tub and tile. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. A properly finished bathroom fixture should last 10-15 years, with reasonable use.

If you're wondering whether it makes more sense to reglaze your tub or replace it, here are a few thoughts to consider. First, do you like your existing tub, outside of its color or age? If so, then you can restore the surface like-new with refinishing for a lot less than if you had to replace it. Do you want to avoid demo? Then refinishing will be a better choice because no demolition or installation is needed to reglaze a tub. Do you want to have your bathroom back quickly? A remodel can take weeks, but most refinishing jobs are done in 1-2 days.

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